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Wed 25 Sep 2002

Platform dynamics

Two good recent blogs on platforms - Joel Spolsky and Ray Ozzie. One of the hardest issues is how to balance developing the platform itself and enabling the ecosystem.

In Platform Leadership, Cusumano and Gower have some interesting history about the development of platforms strategies at Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and others. One of the interesting details is the degree to which internal organization is important. The appropriate balance between internally developed complements and supporting external developers needs to be clearly supported by the internal organization as well as the external actions of the company - there were a lot of conflicts between Intel Architecture Labs, for example, and various product groups in the company.

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Thu 12 Sep 2002

Hiding in plain sight

Who Benefits Most from the High-Tech Revolution?. David Wessel writes about one of the secrets of the new economy: the principal productivity gains and cost reductions are found not in IT-making but IT-using industries...

This is one of those things that's obvious once you see it - you wouldn't expect the producers to capture a significant fraction of the consumer surplus, especially in a highly competitive industry. But the end-users are much less visible, so the availability heuristic leads you to think they are less significant.

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The King's Shilling

I wrote this essay quite a while ago about the idea of a constitutional amendment to address the inherent conflict of interest in government activity. I've mellowed since, and I'd write it differently now, but it's still an interesting notion...

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