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Tue 15 Oct 2002

Experimental economics

Great interview in Reason magazine with Vernon Smith, recent co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics. Another great person at GMU is Robin Hanson. I had dinner with him when I was at IEEE Nano, the first time I'd seen him in several years. We had a great conversation about the applications of idea futures to corporate decision making, and scoring mechanisms for complex idea futures markets.

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Mon 14 Oct 2002

Monday morning humor

Via David Isenberg's SMART letter, some useful software features.

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Wed 02 Oct 2002

Lou Gerstner's farewell letter

Via John Ludwig, the full text of Lou Gerstner's farewell letter to IBM. He talks about the "massive changes underway in the industry", and how he reorganized IBM around customer focus, open standards, collaboration, and technology leadership. Inspirational and insightful.

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Tue 01 Oct 2002

The way to groove

Ray Ozzie published his original notes on the market opportunity for a collaboration product that became Groove. It's a great document because of its focus on the individual and the reality of how people work and collaborate on a day-to-day basis.

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