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Tue 31 Aug 2004

Capability security model

Authority Reduction in Protection Systems is a great paper on analyzing the formal security properties of object capability systems by Mark Miller, Peter van Roy, Jonathon Shapiro, and Fred Spiessens. I particularly like the distinction between "de jure" properties that are explicitly granted rights versus "de facto" properties that are consequential information flows.

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Mon 09 Aug 2004

The Comega language

Don Box mentioned this last week but it took me a while to get to the papers - MS Research released an implementation of Comega, an experimental language that combines a unified model for objects, relational data, and XML with a concurrent programming model. I really like the unified data model, but the concurrency model seems like it would be difficult to use in practice - a bit like programming your own state machine. I much prefer the E concurrency model of using "promises" for future results - it's an easier way to coordinate parallel chunks of procedural code.

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